Sunday, July 2, 2017

Five Years Old

I am seriously so in love with this little boy.  I am still trying to wrap my head around how my toddler turned into such a big kid!

He is one of the friendliest people I know.  He will talk to and play with anyone who he can recruit.  He loves to say hi to everyone we see.  In preschool he was given the "Mr. Goodbar" award for being such a good friend to everyone.

He has endless energy.  He loves to wrestle and run and play games.  His favorite games involve pretending to be Pokémon.  Everywhere we go he starts up a game of Pokémon or Zelda or Pokémon Zelda with anyone who will give him a chance.

He is a sweet brother.  Asher is a typical two-year-old who is sometimes hard to share and play with, but he always looks out for him and they love to chase each other.  Every night they cuddle together and sleep in the same bed.  He always checks in on his little sister and thinks she is the cutest thing.  He loves to show them off and tell everyone about his baby brother and baby sister.

He is super independent.  He likes to do everything himself, and sometimes he thinks he knows better than I do and tries to argue with me.

His favorite thing by far is Pokémon.  Anything Pokémon. He also likes Zelda and Minecraft and anything he can play with his daddy.  His favorite games involve sword fights and pretend Pokémon battles.

He is still a pretty picky eater.  Dinner is a battle pretty much everyday.  All he really wants to eat is waffles and pizza pockets.  And treats of course.

This next year will be a big one.  He is starting Kindergarten.   I am feeling sad that I won't have my main little buddy with me all the time anymore but he will do great.  I hope he brings his enthusiasm for life with him wherever he goes.

I love you Ephraim.  Thanks for being my boy.

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