Sunday, January 3, 2016

10 Months Old

Double Digits.  I really can't believe it!

Asher fits so wonderfully into our little family  He loves to go and explore new things, and is easy to bring along on all our adventures.

Asher is an expert mover now days.  He alternates between "traditional" crawling and army crawling with ease and can pull up to just about anything and cruise along.  He is getting faster and loves to use his new freedom to explore.

Asher has one front tooth and one lateral incisor.  His second front tooth is just breaking through.  With all of his teething and the cold weather we have been having he has had a runny nose for the entire last month.

Asher still LOVES to eat, but is getting pickier.  He has decided very recently not to eat eggs and certain kinds of pasta.  Also, if you are eating something different than Asher he will protest until he is eating exactly what you are eating.

Asher is friendly and likes people, but can be a little shy.  He hides his face when someone says hello to him.  He loves his family, and gets excited if he he ever sees Daddy or Ephraim.  

Asher is very observant.  loves to follow Ephraim around and play with anything that he notices Ephraim using.  He also is interested in anything he has watched the dog or mom & dad use.

Some of Asher's favorite things include: opening and closing doors, sleeping in his carseat, sticking out his tongue, eating, bath time, crawling around, putting small dirty things in his mouth, pulling up to anything he can reach, dog toys, nursing.

Some of Asher's least favorite things include: getting strapped into his carseat, getting dressed, getting his diaper changed, and being left alone.

Asher is just the sweetest little man and is developing quite the curious little personality.  We are so glad he is a part of our family!