Saturday, April 21, 2018

Eleven months

How are you almost a year old my sweet Everest?

You are quite the explorer.  You crawl around and try to climb on everything.  You love to do what you see the big kids doing.

You love to babble and blow raspberries.  You clap when you are happy and are starting to laugh a little at things you think are funny.

You have two teeth now and still love to eat.  You will eat most things, and can eat a lot!

Everything (and I mean everything) goes straight into your mouth.  Its a little frustrating to try and keep all the little trinkets in the world away from you.

You are starting to develop preferences, and when you don't get your way sometimes you cry.  However, for the most part you are a pretty content little girl.

You think Ephraim is pretty funny, and you love to follow Asher around.  You are definitely a mamas girl, but you think your daddy is pretty cool too.

You are seriously just the sweetest and we can't imagine what we did before we had you!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ten Months

I'm a little late writing this blog.  Time really flew by this month.  Everest is 10 months old!

We love your little personality.  You are sweet and easy-going, but very very busy.

You love to explore, and are very efficient at crawling.  You can pull up on just about anything now, and love the new worlds it has opened up for you.

You love to eat, even with only one tooth, and so far you like most things, except broccoli, avocado, and raspberries.

You love to clap and laugh, and have this cute scrunchy smile. You are always babbling and "singing" especially when you play with your food.

You cry if you are hungry, tired, or scared, but not for much else.

You are pretty much the sweetest and we love you!!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Three Years Old

Happy Birthday Ash-man!

You have such a big personality!  You want to be just like Ephraim, and you love your little sister.

You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Super Why, and Little Einsteins, but not as much as you love jumping, climbing, and exploring.  You are always up for some Youtube Kids on Daddy's phone.  If you have some playdo or stickers you can entertain yourself for a long time.

Your song of choice is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and when you like a song that is playing you always lip sync to it.  It's pretty adorable.

You are still a snuggle bug.  You often ask "I want to sit you," as you climb on to my lap whenever you see the opportunity.  You give hugs and kisses to almost anyone who asks.

Your language has come so far.  Sometimes it's a little hard to understand you, but you are always talking and speaking in full sentences.  I love to see your wheels turning when you try to explain something to me.

You are a comedian.  If something makes someone laugh, you will do it again and again.

You push boundaries.  You especially like to run away and hide.  This can get frustrating, but it is also fun when we have a good game of chase.

You are starting to become more social.  You ask about your friends and remember their names.  Sharing is still hard, but you are noticing others and trying to play with them, and that's really fun.  You and Ephraim can fight a lot, but when you get along, you can play for a long time.  

We just love you Asher.  You bring a fun, mischievous energy to our family and we are so blessed to have you!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nine Months

I don't know why nine months seems soooooo much older than eight months, but it does.  You aren't my tiny little baby anymore.

You've figured out crawling and are on a mission to find all the things.  You can go pretty quickly if you see something you want.  You want to get down and check things out whenever we go anywhere.

You've started laughing and making funny happy sounds when you think something is funny.  You especially love balloons and balls.

You still babble to yourself.  You also are into blowing raspberries and clapping your hands.  Your communication and interaction is just exploding right now.

You love to eat just about everything we are eating.  You reallllly loved the sweet potato fries we had the other day, and ate an entire order pretty much by yourself.

You also had your first little tooth pop through on you nine-month-mensiversary.

You are still just the best sleeper, and all around the sweetest girl.

We are so blessed to have you in our family!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Eight Months

8 months.  I am seriously loving this age with my sweet girl.

You are expert at sitting up and are getting close to figuring out how to get yourself up when you fall over.  You are happiest sitting upright and playing with your toys.

You aren't quite crawling, but that doesn't stop you.  You inch-worm, scoot, pull, and roll to try and get what you want.  when you see something you want and get excited you lift your arms and legs up off the ground and shake them with all your might.

You are still just a babbler and your babbles are getting louder.  Your favorite thing to say is, "GA GA GA." You chuckle every once in awhile, but aren't much of a laugher yet.

You are sleeping through the night almost every night now.  You don't want to have anything to do with me.  All you need is your binky and you fall asleep.  However, you have started crying every time I put you in your bed and turn off the light, but you usually only cry for one minute before you stick in your binky and put yourself to sleep.

You are too smart.  You get upset when you don't get what you want and you are learning "stranger danger" and are a little wary of people you don't know, but it doesn't take you long to warm up to people. You still love kisses and when people sing to you.

You love to eat.  You are starting to get jealous if you don't get to eat what we are eating, but that is fine because you can feed yourself any soft food now.  You especially love bananas.

You are an adventurer.  You love to swing, and go down the slide.  You love being thrown up in the air.  You want to be put down most anywhere we go so you can explore.  You love jumping around in your jumparoo.  You try and run away during diaper changes now. You are a busy busy girly.

You seriously are just a wonderful girl, and we love you so much!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Seven Months

It seems like these monthly updates come up way too fast!  Seven months old!?

You are getting really good at sitting up now, although you still tip over once you lose your focus.  You roll around, scoot and try the army crawl but end up pushing yourself backwards and sometimes get frustrated with that.  

You love to play with toys and pick up little things.  Most things go straight in your mouth, but you are also starting to wave your toys around and bang them on the ground.

You still are very talkative and your newest thing is to stick out your tongue and then try to talk.  You blow raspberries sometimes too, but mainly just "oooo" and "aaaah" at everything, especially the picture of the baby on the diaper box.

You love eating now, although very little of it actually gets in your mouth and swallowed.  You also must be growing, because you want bottles more often.

You are a happy girl, and have smiles for most everyone, although sometimes you feel shy and try and hide your face in mommy's chest when people talk to you.  You are starting to chuckle when someone does something you like, and you are ticklish, but you don't like it, and you mainly whine when someone tickles you.

You love kisses, especially on your cheek.  You always smile and wait for more.

Your brothers just love you to bits, as always, and you love when they talk to you.

We love you sweet big girl!  It's so fun you watch you grow.