Monday, November 20, 2017

Six Months

Half a year!

You are such a sweetheart. You smile with your whole body.

Bath time is still your very favorite thing. You also love to play with toys now and are really good at grabbing things to put in your mouth. You are still a talker, and especially love to talk to your toys.

When you see something you want out of reach your lift your arms and legs in the air and will yourself to move. You know how to pivot around on your tummy and roll from tummy to back.

You recently started having a bottle, and you love it. You get very excited once you spot it.  You are also starting to really enjoy food.  You've had avocado, banana, oatmeal, and applesauce.  You love it all.

You are super social and have smiles for everyone. You have a grunting little laugh that you are very selective about. You are pretty ticklish. You are really only sad if you are tired or hungry. You are the sweetest most content baby.

We love you sweetie girl!


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Five Months

5 months.  

You are such a tiny little person, it’s hard to believe you are 5 months old.  I love it when other people hold you because I can look over and see what a little peanut you are.

You are still very social.  Full of smiles and even a few laughs (mostly for daddy).  You are very vocal and still like to chat.

You are getting really good at hand eye coordination.  You can scoot around on your belly a little to reach for things.  You roll over on your back with ease. Your favorite toy is your binky.  You love to hold and chew on it.

You are a pretty mellow baby.  Happy unless you are tired or hungry.  Your very favorite thing is probably taking baths.

You are rocking the 7pm bedtime, but you are waking a lot at night and very early so mom is tired.

Your brother’s still think you are the cutest thing and your dad and I agree.  We are so glad you are in our family.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Four Months

Baby Girl, you are so loved.  Four months with you now.  It seems longer and shorter at the same time.

You smile at everyone (if you are in the mood).  Your very favorite thing is to sit and have a one-on-one chat with someone (especially mama).

You love your hands.  You are constantly chewing on them and are beginning to grab things with them.

You are still sticking out your tongue a lot, a habit you've had since birth.  My shirts are always wet because you lick anything that gets close to your mouth.

You are always busy observing.  You still love to be outside.  You love to sit in the swing at the park, and to chill on our porch with us.

Bath-time is still a favorite as well.  I like to bring you in the shower with me, because you are always so happy, and it tires you out, so you take a good nap when we are done.

You love being held, but are content if you can see someone.  Your brothers are really stepping up, especially Asher.  He knows that he can give you your binky if you are sad, and lets me know if you are crying.

With two other kids to take care of I feel like the time flies by especially quickly, so I am trying to soak your baby-ness up the best I can.  Sometimes I feel guilty that you have less attention but then I see how much your brothers love you and I know you will have plenty of love and attention as you grow.

We love you Everest!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Three Months

Everest Rose Beckman, what a sweet 3 month old you are.  

Your very favorite thing is when anyone sits and talks to you.  You smile with your whole face and sometimes you talk back with little "ah"s and "goos".  Sometimes you will be fussy and someone will talk to you and you will smile and fuss at the same time because you can't resist smiling at someone who talks to you.

You have discovered chewing on your hands and it's hilarious how you try to stuff your whole hand in your mouth.

You still sleep a lot, and have started sleeping through the night a lot.  It's pretty awesome.

You are growing.  You fit in your three month clothing pretty perfectly now, and just have the perfect little baby body.  Your tummy is perfectly round, and your thighs and arms have the most perfect little rolls.  I can't resist kissing your cheeks!  I think your eyes are starting to turn brown.

You still don't like the car much, but you don't scream the instant you are put in your car seat anymore, and that has done wonders for mamas sanity when we go places. When you are hungry, tired, or cold, you let everyone know, but you are generally pretty easy to cheer up when you are sad. 

You are so aware of everything around you now, and can entertain yourself for awhile just looking at your surroundings.  Going outside is your favorite.

You love tummy time and are getting super strong. Which is fun for you.  You have rolled over from your belly to your back once, but generally you don't try because you are super content on your tummy.

We all love you so much.  Ephraim is so happy that you smile at him when he talks to you, and Asher just loves to kiss you and squish your cheeks.

So excited to see you keep growing!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Kindergarten Ready

Tomorrow is this big kiddo's first day of Kindergarten.

He is smart, fun, friendly, silly, and all-around awesome.

He is excited for school.  He is most excited to learn how to read.  He's already taught himself how to read simple words by sounding them out, so he is more than ready.  He also wants to get better at writing lower-case letters.

He said that when he grows up he wants to be a cook.  He will make us healthy food and then treats after every meal.  This makes sense because he wants to be the biggest and the strongest.  He's excited that his school's playground has rings and monkey bars for him to grow his muscles so he can be an American Ninja Warrior.

His teacher is Ms. Hodges.  She seems really sweet.  When we got to meet the teacher night he immediately found a seat and got his paper and started writing his name.  He already knows what to do.

Ephraim is totally ready for school, but the rest of us are soaking up our last few days before everything changes!  Asher and Everest are going to miss their big brother (and me too!).  They both love him so much.  Asher is pretty much his shadow and Everest loves when he talks to her.  We are all going to have some adjusting to do.

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around having my biggest boy be gone for most of the day.  I love this spunky boy, and I am going to miss him immensely on our daily outings.  I am excited to hear about the things he learns at school, and for all the friends he's going to make.
You got this baby boy!!! I am so excited to hear all about your first day.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Two Months

Oh this sweet girl.

She is squishy and cute. Her cheeks kill me, and so does her fuzzy hair.  She also has the longest tongue and loves to stick it out.

She is a smiley girl, especially when someone sits and talks to her.  She always wants to be held upright.  She is getting better head control and loves to push up on her legs.

She is my first to not like sleeping in the swaddle.  She does great sleeping on her stomach and only wakes up once a night most nights.  She may be my best sleeper yet.

She is definitely growing but still is my petite lady (at least compared to my boys.). It is fun to dress her up and put bows on her.

She loves bath time and showers. She loves being outside.  She loves being snuggled with a blanket and her binky.  She does not like being cold, and she really doesn't like her car seat.

We love having little Everest in our family.  Ephraim thinks she is the cutest thing ever and loves to talk to her.  Asher kisses her all the time and so do I.  I can't resist those cheeks.

We love you little Everest.