Sunday, April 5, 2015

One Month Old

My little Asher man is already a month old! It's so weird how it seems like he just came and has always been a part of our family at the same time.

Asher is such a sweet, cuddly, mellow baby.  He rarely cries, and when he does he is easy to comfort (especially with his binky).  He loves to lay on his tummy and fall asleep that way.  He sleeps swaddled in his bassinet at night.

He knows his schedule and wakes up every 2-2.5 hours to eat.  Sometimes at night he is starting to give me 3 hour stretches (and they are wonderful.)

He is working hard on growing.  He weighs around 13.75 pounds already! He is a big, strong boy!

Asher is easy to travel with and will almost always fall asleep in his car seat or the Moby wrap. Asher likes to look out of windows and loves to sit in the bath. Asher does not like getting out of the bath, or being left alone (when he's not sleeping).

Most recently Asher is more alert and looks around.  He coos a little, and is very strong.  I've caught what looks like the beginnings of a smile when he is awake, but I am waiting for a baby grin when he is awake. 

Yesterday Asher was laying on the floor getting a little fussy, and Ephraim came over to lay by him and Asher just looked at him and cooed some happy sounds.  It made Ephraim so happy.  I think Asher is going to love his fun brother.

Basically, Asher is settling into our little family and we are so in love!