Wednesday, September 7, 2016

First Day of Preschool

My first baby is a preschooler!!

He is seriously the sweetest boy!  Always full of snuggles, hugs, and kisses.  He tells everyone how he loves them and will talk to anyone! He is sensitive and gets sad when he thinks about how he misses people who aren't nearby, and gets so excited to see his friends and family.

He has a mind of his own.  When he decides he wants something, he goes for it, regardless of what anyone says.  His independence is a blessing and a curse!  He can be the best helper, and the biggest trouble-maker.

He is seriously silly.  He always wants to laugh, and loves to make people laugh.  His sense of humor consists mostly of making silly faces, and inserting the word "poop" randomly into sentences.

Ephraim LOVES pokemon and transformers.  He still enjoys cars, and animals as well. He tells me he wants to be a donut-maker when he grows up.

He was a little nervous to go to school because he would miss his mommy.  He was excited to pack up all his stuff and didn't look back once we got there.  Ephraim had a great time at school. He told me he did an obstacle course and learned about "criss-cross applesauce."

Ephraim's preschool is a creative arts preschool at 3-D Dance.  Ephraim's teachers are Suzy Simpson, and Megan Mohammadi.  He will be learning movement, tumbling, dance, and theater arts in addition to normal preschool activities!  I'm so excited for him, and he is going to do great!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

18 Months

Asher turned 18 months on Saturday.  

Asher loves loves loves being able to walk!  He still waddles while he walks, and it is adorable.  He is fast.  He can climb on anything and is trying so hard to figure out how to jump.  He hates holding anyone's hand when he is walking.  He wants to be independent.

His favorite activity is probably swimming.  Pools, splash pads, bath time; Asher looooves water!

Asher is my animal lover.  We went to the petting zoo last week and he loved feeding and touching all the animals.  He chases Moose all around the house, and hasn't met a dog he didn't love.

Asher loves Ephraim.  He copies everything he does and follows him around.  He's a little rough sometimes, but they really are just the cutest buddies.  Ephraim always explains things to Asher and tries to teach him new words.

Asher doesn't talk much.  He signs "water" for both food and water, and signs "all done."  His most consistent word is, "Da" for Dad.  He is very good at communicating through gestures and sounds though.  He recently started shaking his head, but instead of meaning "no" he means "yes" which is confusing and adorable.

Asher knows what he wants and is very vocal about it.  He throws little tantrums when he doesn't get his way, but they never last long.

Asher still LOVES to eat, but is a little pickier now.  Whatever he doesn't want gets thrown on the floor.

You are content to sit in the stroller or high chair for quite awhile, which is great because sometimes I just need you to stay in one spot for a minute.

I love you my little Asher Basher.  I'm so excited to keep watching you grow!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Four Years Old

Ephraim, my boy!  You are four years old!

It seems longer and shorter at the same time.  This age is so fun!  You have so much personality!

You love to talk.  You tell stories, and ask sooo many questions.  You want to understand the world around you. You say the FUNNIEST things.  Here are a few I have written down:
"These are the beautiful parts" **gestures to his whole face**
"Mommy, I really miss Asher when he was so small. I wish he was so small again."
"Mommy, I thought of a compromise. How about instead of taking a nap, I watch a movie."
"I want to be nakey all days and nights." 
"Sometimes I love you, but sometimes I don't. But I'm still happy to be with you."
"I want to break the red light so we can go to Seaward."
"Hey Deer! Come back! I'm small!"
"Look at me! I'm a genius! I caught a bubble!"
"Hey Jerks! We are trying to go home!" "Don't yell Ephraim" "I'm trying to tell the jerks we need to go home."
"I'm not in timeout anymore because I'm a grownup with my worker hat!"
"I smell it. It tastes yummy for my nose."
"I think a jelly fish is an octopus without eyes."
"Mommy I'm so proud of you, because I love you and you are my shweetheart"

 You love life. You love going to the park and anywhere you can play with toys.  You love animals and learning all you can about them.  You are obsessed with watching "unboxing" videos on youtube.   You look forward to quiet time (when Asher takes his nap) so you can watch TV.  Your favorite TV shows are Rescue Bots, Wild Kratts, and Little Einsteins.  You also love to go to the pool.  You are quite a swimmer and as long as you have arm floaties you are completely independent.

Speaking of independence, you always want to do everything yourself.  Most of the trouble you get into stems from the fact that you never want help with anything and try to get into everything yourself.  You are also very curious and want to know how everything works.  You are super smart and try to reason with mommy a lot.

You are a people person.  You will talk to anybody and make friends easily.  It's so fun to watch you develop relationships as we go to church and our community playgroup.

You are the sweetest big brother.  You and Asher have your squabbles, especially when toys are involved, but you are always looking out for Asher and willing to help mommy take care of him.  You don't like to sleep without Asher in the room.

You are a picky eater, but you will always eat peanut butter and jelly, yogurt, pizza, applesauce, and treats.

Ephraim had a dinosaur party.  We had a dinosaur egg hunt and "found" dinosaur bones in ice blocks. So many of his little buddies came and we had a great time.

I am forever grateful that I get to be your mommy.  I know I am sometimes not as patient as I should be, but you are my best little buddy and I am so excited to see what the next year brings.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

One Year Old

Asher McMasher!  You are one!

You have a very inquisitive personality!  You can be quite serious when you are trying to focus on something or observe what is going on.  You love to mimic what you see.

You love balls, cars, and anything someone else is playing with.  You are quick at snatching glasses, and giggle and crawl away if you think someone is chasing you.  Your favorite place is probably the kitchen because you can get into the cupboards and pull out bowls and things to bang and play with.

You get mad if I don't put you down and let you crawl around.  You also have started throwing little tantrums if you don't get what you want or if someone takes something away from you.  You also hate having your face wiped, your bum changed, and getting dressed.

You give the sweetest cuddles. If mama is sitting on the floor you love to crawl into her lap.  You give sweet hugs and love to lay your head on mamas shoulder, and if you get in the right mood you give big, wet, open mouth kisses.  You also love to cuddle Ephram (although usually it's a little more like wrestling, as you crawl all over him).  And if you find something soft to play with, like a big pillow, you giggle and cuddle it over and over.

Eating is still your favorite activity, and you love everything!  You especially love meat and cheese.  You also love to throw food on the ground and feed the dog.

You and Moose are pretty good buds.  You love to share toys with him, you really love his dog bowls, and you even try to go out his dog door. You get really excited to see him, but you don't like if he tries to lick your face.

You are a huge boy!  You weigh 28 pounds and are 32.25 inches tall! You are a quick crawler, great at cruising and getting pretty good at standing without holding onto anything.  You are a climber!  You climb until you can't climb anymore and then fuss until I come get you down.

You are starting to mimic some sounds, but I don't recognize any words from you yet. You understand a lot though.  You love to chat and babble.

Your first birthday party was pretty awesome!  You loved crawling around and stealing food from different people's plates.  You had so many friends come!  

You were a good cake smasher.  After picking off some of the fruit you went to town (with Ephraim's help).

You are such a lucky boy, and so many people love you!