Tuesday, September 6, 2016

18 Months

Asher turned 18 months on Saturday.  

Asher loves loves loves being able to walk!  He still waddles while he walks, and it is adorable.  He is fast.  He can climb on anything and is trying so hard to figure out how to jump.  He hates holding anyone's hand when he is walking.  He wants to be independent.

His favorite activity is probably swimming.  Pools, splash pads, bath time; Asher looooves water!

Asher is my animal lover.  We went to the petting zoo last week and he loved feeding and touching all the animals.  He chases Moose all around the house, and hasn't met a dog he didn't love.

Asher loves Ephraim.  He copies everything he does and follows him around.  He's a little rough sometimes, but they really are just the cutest buddies.  Ephraim always explains things to Asher and tries to teach him new words.

Asher doesn't talk much.  He signs "water" for both food and water, and signs "all done."  His most consistent word is, "Da" for Dad.  He is very good at communicating through gestures and sounds though.  He recently started shaking his head, but instead of meaning "no" he means "yes" which is confusing and adorable.

Asher knows what he wants and is very vocal about it.  He throws little tantrums when he doesn't get his way, but they never last long.

Asher still LOVES to eat, but is a little pickier now.  Whatever he doesn't want gets thrown on the floor.

You are content to sit in the stroller or high chair for quite awhile, which is great because sometimes I just need you to stay in one spot for a minute.

I love you my little Asher Basher.  I'm so excited to keep watching you grow!

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