Thursday, September 3, 2015

6 Months Old

I cannot believe my little baby is half a year old!

He is a mover and a shaker.  He still rolls as his preferred mode of transportation, but has started doing little push-ups on the floor, and is expert at using his arms to pivot around on his stomach.
He is strong.  He sits up really well now and can stand up holding on to something for some time.  He just needs to work on balance.

He is really starting to babble.  Blowing raspberries and saying "bababa" are his favorite right now.  He babbles the most when he thinks he is alone.

He loves his mama and expresses great distress if she ever walks by him without picking him up or holding him, but Ephraim and Daddy make him laugh much more.

He loooooooves eating.  I mean, he is obsessed.  He has had bananas, avocados, beans, rice, ice cream, bread, potatoes, green beans, carrots, applesauce, and couple different baby purees and he has loved all of it.  There is nothing that makes him madder than seeing someone eat without giving him something to eat. I am trying to limit him to solids only once a day, but it is becoming increasingly difficult.  Asher also wants to nurse all the time!  He is just a big, hungry, boy!  He knows how to pull at my shirt and rub his face on my chest now to show that he wants to eat.

Asher likes going for walks in the carrier or the stroller.  He loves the pool and bath.  He splashes and kicks with all his might.  

He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, and he bites down hard.  He likes to chew on hands, toys, wipes, food, furniture, and, well, anything he can get his mouth on, but there is no sign of teeth yet.

Asher is really easy to travel with.  He sleeps well on the go, and sleeps well for naps and bedtime if he has some white noise going.

His personality is really starting to show, and he loves people.  We just love having this cute little man in our lives.

Also, this is hilarious!  Love this little man's facial expressions.