Monday, July 24, 2017

Two Months

Oh this sweet girl.

She is squishy and cute. Her cheeks kill me, and so does her fuzzy hair.  She also has the longest tongue and loves to stick it out.

She is a smiley girl, especially when someone sits and talks to her.  She always wants to be held upright.  She is getting better head control and loves to push up on her legs.

She is my first to not like sleeping in the swaddle.  She does great sleeping on her stomach and only wakes up once a night most nights.  She may be my best sleeper yet.

She is definitely growing but still is my petite lady (at least compared to my boys.). It is fun to dress her up and put bows on her.

She loves bath time and showers. She loves being outside.  She loves being snuggled with a blanket and her binky.  She does not like being cold, and she really doesn't like her car seat.

We love having little Everest in our family.  Ephraim thinks she is the cutest thing ever and loves to talk to her.  Asher kisses her all the time and so do I.  I can't resist those cheeks.

We love you little Everest.

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  1. Thank you Stepheni and Stephen,for this wonderful update. Love you and your family...