Sunday, July 2, 2017

Everest's Blessing

Little Everest was blessed in church today.

As usual, we had so much support from our family and friends.

Also, Stephen's Mom came to visit and show her love the week before the blessing.

Stephen, his dad, my dad, Jonathan,  Zak, CJ, Ben, and Mark Cook were in the circle.  In her blessing she was given a name: Everest Rose Beckman.  She was counseled to look up to Ephraim, Asher,and especially her elder brother Jesus as an example.  She was told to seek exalted things especially eternal marriage and temple blessings.  She was also counseled to look to her mother as an example and serve a mission if her heart desires it.  She was blessed with the things Heavenly Father wants for her.

Here is the story of how we chose Everest's name:

As usual, we struggled settling on a name we both liked.  Right from the beginning I suggested Rose.  Stephen didn't love that one, but Ephraim did.  Ephraim really wanted to name the baby Rose and then Zelda Rose.  Stephen liked Zelda, and Samus best and I liked Paula and Naomi best.  We also discussed Evelyn, Ada, Dorothy, and Jean.  Neither of us were really sold on each other's favorites.

Once she was born I really pushed for Paula and Naomi.  I loved that she was such a tiny little thing and that Paula meant small or little.  A day passed and one of the only things holding us back from going home was selecting a name.  I really thought she would end up being Naomi Rose, but I came back from leaving the room for a minute and Stephen said, "What do you think about Everest?"  I kind of felt it was out of left field, and it took me a minute to wrap my head around it.  It kind of was inspired by Evelyn, but Stephen liked the symbolism of Mount Everest and how she would be able to do hard things if she set her mind to it.

As I thought about the inspiration behind it, it grew on me.  We kept Rose as the middle name because Ephraim loved it so much and it is Stephen's Grandma's name.

Our little Everest Rose.  She can do hard things and is so loved by her brothers, and that is what her name means to us. 

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