Monday, May 29, 2017

Ephraim and Asher meet Everest

Since we were discharged by lunch on Sunday we decided to sneak over to Ephraim's recital dress rehearsal and surprise him, and let him meet little Everest.  He was so excited and loved how small she was.  He kept grabbing his friends and bring them over to see her, and telling everyone about how cute she was.

Once we got home, Asher was sleeping but when he woke up he came out to meet baby sister.  He was smitten and showered her with kisses, and soft touches.

Once Ephraim got home he wanted to hold baby sister.  We sat him down and let him hold baby sister.  Asher was in the kitchen, but once he realized what was going on he came running over to the couch and said, "MA baby sis-er."  They both love to hold her.  Asher is very much in love, and is working on holding back his enthusiasm and not literally smother her with his loving attention and curiosity.

Little Everest is going to be so spoiled by her loving older brothers.  She is a lucky girl.

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