Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

We went to a little pumpkin patch last night, and these pictures just made me laugh.  These little boys have too big of personalities for their own good, and the pictures were just a glimpse into the crazy ;-)

First we did pictures of Ephraim.  From the second we arrived at the pumpkin patch he was obsessed with these squash.  He thought they were pretty awesome!

He is pretty tricky to photograph these days, and has an aversion to looking at the camera, but making strange animal noises and generally making a fool of yourself can (sometimes) do the trick.
He makes this look easy ;-)
This animal sound was particularly hilarious.
Adding in Asher only further complicated matters ;-)  He was very interested in the straw, and not so much in looking at the camera, and the funny noises that work for Ephraim solicited some pretty hilarious confused looks from Asher. 
Ephraim being a ham and Asher checking out the straw.

Asher wondering what is going on over by the camera.
This one is probably my favorite.  Asher wondering why the heck he is in this crazy family ;-)
But we managed to get some pretty cute pictures anyway.

Then Ephraim decided he had places to be.

So we decided to take some pictures of Asher, but he wasn't feeling very smiley, as he was super focused on the straw, and out of all the pictures and all the various sounds and tricks I tried, this is the best one we got.

But then Ephraim came to save the day!  Ephraim came over and just started talking to Asher, and, Viola! Perfect smiles.  I love how much Asher loves his brother!

And sometimes Ephraim likes his brother ;-)
Sharing some more straw with Asher.
Sharing his beloved squash with Asher. 
Lots of squash ;-)

Then Ephraim saw this painting and had to have some pictures with it.
Both of my boy's favorite part of the pumpkin patch were the Hula Hoops.  Asher hung out with his pretty much the whole time, and Ephraim ran around gathering squash part of the time, and the rest of the time tried to figure out the hula hooping thing.


This is my sad attempt at taking a picture of the boys and the wagon ;-)  There's a reason Stephen does the photography in the family!

I love these little boys of mine!  They sure do keep us busy!

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  1. The brothers have a great time almost everywhere. ..I saw some super pictures. ..