Tuesday, November 3, 2015

8 Months Old

This little cutie is 8 months old.

He is a funny little man who knows what he wants!  Which is mainly food, all the time.  Asher wants to try everything that everyone is eating and communicates this by staring and flailing whilst screeching or saying, "mama" (which I am convinced is his attempt to say more).  If you try and distract him with baby treats he may still whine until you give him what you are eating.

Asher does not like to hold still.  Changing his diaper is a challenge and getting him dressed is next to impossible.  He hates laying on his back; he immediately tries to flip over so he can crawl and find something fun to play with.  He is still army crawling and rolling mostly, which I am grateful for because it give me time to catch him, but he is getting quicker every day!

Asher loves anything that someone else is playing with.  He likes dog bones, Ephraim's toys, electronics.  You know, anything that someone else thinks is cool ;-)

No sign of teeth yet for Mister Ash-man, but he does loove to chew on everything.

Asher also like to practice standing.  He has taken a few steps along the couch or playpen, but is still mostly stationary when standing up to something.

Asher loves to scream.  He thinks it is hilarious, especially if he hears anyone else make a high pitch noise.  He also babbles a lot.  He mostly says "dada" when he is happy.

Asher loves to copy everything that Ephraim does.  Ephraim is having a hard time adjusting to this now that Asher is mobile and tries to get into all of his things, but they are adjusting to the new normal.  They really are such fun brothers.

Asher's newest trick is trying to wave, and trying to clap his hands.  Generally he tries to mimic what he sees a lot, which is adorable.  Also, after a little bit of positive reinforcement I can lay him down to bed awake every nap time and bedtime and he just plays until he is ready to sleep.  I am such a lucky mama!  He still wakes several times a night, but is easy to get back to sleep.

We just love this busy little body!

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