Sunday, October 4, 2015

7 months old

Each month goes by quicker than the last.  This big boy has a big personality to match.  He makes me laugh everyday.

Asher is obsessed with food ( and has been since he first tried it at 4 months).  We try to limit him to one "meal" a day (outside of breastfeeding, of course), but it is getting increasingly difficult.  Asher is filled with much jealousy any time he sees anyone eating anything.  We appease him with small cereal snacks, and rice crackers during breakfast and lunch.  He eats large meals with us in the evening (usually oatmeal with some sort of baby food or banana mixed in, or an avocado).

I'm really impressed with Asher's fine motor skills.  He is careful and able to grab small items and put them in his mouth with some accuracy.  It is a skill that comes in handy and eating cereal puffs, and requires mommy to supervise him greatly when he is on the floor.  He can also put in his own binky, although he prefers to pull it out and look at it.

Asher is really good at sitting on his own.  He can't get up into a sitting position on his own, but often flops himself forward from sitting onto his belly so that he can move.  Asher is getting to be quite the mover.  He hasn't mastered forward propulsion although he has been known to scoot himself forward for small distances.  He is becoming more accurate at using a combination of rolling, scooting and pivoting to reach objects that he wants.

Asher is excited to be a big boy.  He loves to be stood up next to things he can hold onto, especially Ephraim's toys.  Today he was standing at one of his walkers playing and he let go with both hands, stood for a couple seconds and then grabbed on again all without falling.  I was pretty impressed.  He likes to play with Ephraim's toys, and is very interested in anything that lights up or makes sounds.

Asher loves Ephraim.  He smiles and laughs at his antics.  He also thinks it is funny when Ephraim cries and/or throws tantrums and smiles and squeals along (Ephraim does not appreciate this).  He is definitely aware of who he knows and who he doesn't, but generally likes and smiles at people.  He cries a lot when he sees his mom, because he wants her to hold and feed him pretty much all the time.

Asher likes to blow raspberries and say "bababa."  He also will squeal when he is excited, or if he hears someone else squeal.  He giggles a lot when someone surprises him.

Asher is a good little sleeper.  He likes to be nursed to sleep, but will also sleep really well in the car.  He takes an afternoon nap everyday and sleeps through the night some nights, and most nights only wakes up once.

Asher continues to be giant.  I had to pull out his 12-18 month clothing last week because most of his 9 month is pretty tight, and even some of his 12 month as well.  He has the chunkiest little thighs and bottom, and it just kills me.  I love all his little rolls!

I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up.  I love his curious little personality that is beginning to develop!

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