Sunday, January 21, 2018

Eight Months

8 months.  I am seriously loving this age with my sweet girl.

You are expert at sitting up and are getting close to figuring out how to get yourself up when you fall over.  You are happiest sitting upright and playing with your toys.

You aren't quite crawling, but that doesn't stop you.  You inch-worm, scoot, pull, and roll to try and get what you want.  when you see something you want and get excited you lift your arms and legs up off the ground and shake them with all your might.

You are still just a babbler and your babbles are getting louder.  Your favorite thing to say is, "GA GA GA." You chuckle every once in awhile, but aren't much of a laugher yet.

You are sleeping through the night almost every night now.  You don't want to have anything to do with me.  All you need is your binky and you fall asleep.  However, you have started crying every time I put you in your bed and turn off the light, but you usually only cry for one minute before you stick in your binky and put yourself to sleep.

You are too smart.  You get upset when you don't get what you want and you are learning "stranger danger" and are a little wary of people you don't know, but it doesn't take you long to warm up to people. You still love kisses and when people sing to you.

You love to eat.  You are starting to get jealous if you don't get to eat what we are eating, but that is fine because you can feed yourself any soft food now.  You especially love bananas.

You are an adventurer.  You love to swing, and go down the slide.  You love being thrown up in the air.  You want to be put down most anywhere we go so you can explore.  You love jumping around in your jumparoo.  You try and run away during diaper changes now. You are a busy busy girly.

You seriously are just a wonderful girl, and we love you so much!

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