Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Seven Months

It seems like these monthly updates come up way too fast!  Seven months old!?

You are getting really good at sitting up now, although you still tip over once you lose your focus.  You roll around, scoot and try the army crawl but end up pushing yourself backwards and sometimes get frustrated with that.  

You love to play with toys and pick up little things.  Most things go straight in your mouth, but you are also starting to wave your toys around and bang them on the ground.

You still are very talkative and your newest thing is to stick out your tongue and then try to talk.  You blow raspberries sometimes too, but mainly just "oooo" and "aaaah" at everything, especially the picture of the baby on the diaper box.

You love eating now, although very little of it actually gets in your mouth and swallowed.  You also must be growing, because you want bottles more often.

You are a happy girl, and have smiles for most everyone, although sometimes you feel shy and try and hide your face in mommy's chest when people talk to you.  You are starting to chuckle when someone does something you like, and you are ticklish, but you don't like it, and you mainly whine when someone tickles you.

You love kisses, especially on your cheek.  You always smile and wait for more.

Your brothers just love you to bits, as always, and you love when they talk to you.

We love you sweet big girl!  It's so fun you watch you grow.

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  1. I thank you Stepheni for these updates. The pictures and the words are wonderful...