Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Five Months

5 months.  

You are such a tiny little person, it’s hard to believe you are 5 months old.  I love it when other people hold you because I can look over and see what a little peanut you are.

You are still very social.  Full of smiles and even a few laughs (mostly for daddy).  You are very vocal and still like to chat.

You are getting really good at hand eye coordination.  You can scoot around on your belly a little to reach for things.  You roll over on your back with ease. Your favorite toy is your binky.  You love to hold and chew on it.

You are a pretty mellow baby.  Happy unless you are tired or hungry.  Your very favorite thing is probably taking baths.

You are rocking the 7pm bedtime, but you are waking a lot at night and very early so mom is tired.

Your brother’s still think you are the cutest thing and your dad and I agree.  We are so glad you are in our family.

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