Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Four Months

Baby Girl, you are so loved.  Four months with you now.  It seems longer and shorter at the same time.

You smile at everyone (if you are in the mood).  Your very favorite thing is to sit and have a one-on-one chat with someone (especially mama).

You love your hands.  You are constantly chewing on them and are beginning to grab things with them.

You are still sticking out your tongue a lot, a habit you've had since birth.  My shirts are always wet because you lick anything that gets close to your mouth.

You are always busy observing.  You still love to be outside.  You love to sit in the swing at the park, and to chill on our porch with us.

Bath-time is still a favorite as well.  I like to bring you in the shower with me, because you are always so happy, and it tires you out, so you take a good nap when we are done.

You love being held, but are content if you can see someone.  Your brothers are really stepping up, especially Asher.  He knows that he can give you your binky if you are sad, and lets me know if you are crying.

With two other kids to take care of I feel like the time flies by especially quickly, so I am trying to soak your baby-ness up the best I can.  Sometimes I feel guilty that you have less attention but then I see how much your brothers love you and I know you will have plenty of love and attention as you grow.

We love you Everest!

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