Sunday, August 2, 2015

5 Months Old

Sometimes you seem so little and sometimes you seem so big that I forget you are only 5 months old.  That seems to be the mantra of my giant baby life :-)

You are a busy busy bee.  You love to roll and roll all around the house.  You can only roll in one direction, and as a result always end up stuck against a wall, but you have fun finding toys and things to play with in the process.

You are strong.  You can sit up with no support for a little while if you are not distracted, and can last quite a long while if you are in the boppy pillow to help you recover if you start tipping.  You "plank" by lifting your arms and legs off the ground when you see something you want.

You are so heavy.  Mama's arms are constantly tired (as is her back) from trying to manage your heft. I have to put you down to play frequently just out of exhaustion.  You are wearing 12 month clothes, and even some of those are too small, but all of your pants are too long.

You are venturing into the world of eating.  You thought ice cream was too cold, and strawberries were to sour, but bananas are good, and avocados are favorite.  I have to limit you to one meal a day in the evenings, but I am quite sure you would be happy to eat all the time.

Your favorite activities include jumping in your jumperoo, playing in the pool, bath time with Ephraim, and eating.  You are such a happy little buddy.  You giggle at Ephraim's silliness, and smile when you see mommy or daddy approach. If you are not tired you can entertain yourself with toys or in your bouncer for quite awhile.

You loove to grab and play with your toes.  You stick them in your mouth and talk to them.  The same goes for anything that you get into your hands.  You chew with much vigor.  Your hand-eye coordination is improving.  You can reach for things and put them straight in your mouth without trouble now.  You are using this skill for improved hair pulling skills as well.  You are very deliberate in all that you do, including sucking your thumb when you are tired.

You make an "mmm" sound when you are getting fussy, and that has led to an occasional "mum" or "mama,"  and it tugs at my heart strings.  You are starting to blow raspberries, and love to stick out your tongue.

You do not like when you have to stop eating, when you see mommy and she doesn't pick you up right away, and being hungry or tired.

Ephraim is just as in love with you as we are.  He loves to make you smile or laugh, and will always go to try and cheer you up if you are sad.  He already bickers with you a little over toys, but generally is willing to share and be my helper.  You guys have been sharing a room for awhile now and doing really well with it.  If you wake up around the same time when I go in Ephraim is almost always in bed playing with you, and when he does that you don't cry for me to come get you.

You are settling into a routine that is a little hit or miss, but you usually take a nap in the morning, and then another one in the afternoon.  You go to bed at 8:30 is and then will sleep until 7 or so, usually only waking up once in the night to eat.

You are just the cutest roly poly baby I have ever seen, and we love you so much!

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  1. I think we have a great pair of Brothers, made in heaven and brought to earth by loving Parents.