Saturday, July 4, 2015

4 Months Old

This giant boy is so big that sometimes I forget he is only 4 months old.  Every month brings new developments and so much joy!

Asher is a such a happy camper!  He looooves people and loves to smile.  His favorite person to laugh at is daddy, but he will give me little giggles from time to time.

He also loves to coo and talk to anyone who will listen.  Also, he especially loves to talk to his binky and anything he can hold in his hands.

He is getting so much stronger.  He is much better at sitting with support, and loves to lean up and stand on the couch.  He can scoot himself around on his belly a bit as well (although it makes him kind of mad.)

He still loves his bath and kicks and splashes with all his might the whole time.  He also looooves going to the pool for the same reason.  Asher is really getting interested in toys and screens lately.  He likes to look at the TV if Ephraim is watching cartoons (oops :-P) and loves his playmate and jumparoo. He also likes to grab blankets and burp rags because they are easy to hold and chew on.  When he sees something he wants he tenses up and lifts his arms and legs up off the ground with all his might.  Eventually I guess he will figure out that the opposite has to happen in order for him to actually move/crawl ;-)

Speaking of chewing, this little man looooves to chew on his hands.  His hands are always in his mouth, and he is quite the thumb sucker!  He is getting better at keeping his thumb in his mouth, and although he likes to sleep swaddled with a binky, he will often suck his thumb to fall asleep during the day.

Things that Asher does not like include: getting dressed, being left alone with no one to talk to, being tired, and being finished eating. Asher cries almost every time he has to stop eating.  He just loves to eat!  He nurses every 2-3 hours during the day, but only wakes up once during the night now.

This boy is getting quite a bit of hair on the top of his head and I just love how fuzzy and soft it is!

It's so fun to watch this sweet, social, funny boy grow! Happy 4 months cutie!

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  1. 4 months already, he is quite a young boy. I think he'll probably be singing too pretty soon.