Thursday, July 14, 2011


It was fascinating to see people who had never been to Yellowstone, see the landscape that lived in their oral traditions. It was very much a reunion with their past. -Rosemary Sucec

This past weekend Julie and her family came to Idaho to visit.  It was so much fun!

Friday we went out to dinner and played at the park.  

Then, Saturday we headed off to Yellowstone.  Julie, her family, Micheal, his family, Stephen, and I all went.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  The children were very patient with the car ride.

We stopped and had a picnic once we got to the park, and then we went off to see the sights.  The first place we stopped was to see some paint pots and geysers.  It was probably my favorite stop in the whole park!

We saw the boiling mud in the "paint pots."

We also saw some amazingly colorful (and stinky) pools.

We also happened to arrive at just the right time to see the Fountain Geyser go off.

Then we went off to see the Great Prismatic Spring.  It was a place full of warm steam.  It was interesting to feel the contrast between the cool Yellowstone air, and the warm steam that would occasionally envelop us.  

Ocean and I really enjoyed it.  We counted hats that had blown off people's heads into the pools.  I think we found about 6.

Then we headed off to the ever famous Old Faithful.  Again, we made it just in time.  It was pretty cool to watch.

However the children found some logs to turn into a see-saw.  That was probably their favorite part of the trip. :)

While in the park we saw a few glimpses of wildlife.

After this we found a quiet place to have a picnic, and then headed home.

We all spent the night and the next day at Michael's house.  It was so kind of them to put us all up.  We had a lot of fun.  The children enjoyed playing with their cousins.

"Uncle Stephen" was well liked because he would wrestle with and play with the kids.

He also was very busy taking pictures.

His new hat I made was also a fun prop. (Pattern here)

All in all it was a wonderful weekend.  I loved spending time with some of my new family!

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