Monday, April 11, 2011

Done and Done

My father always told me, "Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life."  ~Jim Fox
Miracles happen.
I've been spending this last week preparing myself for the job hunt.
Thursday there was a job fair.
The night before I got myself prepared.  I printed off my resume, and did research on all the school's that were listed to be at the fair.  I figured out all the schools that I would like to work for, and made a list of questions I had for each of them.
So, off I went.  I talked to all the school's I was interested in and had one tentative offer.  Then I came back later to talk to another school district about an opening they had in preschool.  They said that they needed a permanent substitute for the rest of this year, with the hopes that this substitute would be able to continue on as the teacher in the next school year.
It sounded perfect! I got an interview for Friday.
I went and interviewed on Friday and I got the job!
Stephen and I have been so blessed.  We both have local jobs that should last for the rest of the time that we are here in Rexburg!

Following this wonderful news, I graduated on Saturday.

I woke up super early and got ready, and had Stephen take a few pictures before we left.

Then Stephen dropped me off to wait in the giant line for commencement.  I found my friend Kellie, and she helped me feel more comfortable.  Then Stephen and my dad and brothers walked to the BYU-I center to meet my mom and Grandma.

Commencement was good.  Stephen didn't see me walk in, but I got to walk out right past them, and that was exciting :).

Afterwards it was a zoo, so we gathered together and went to the Hart where we were going to have convocation.  We took some pictures and then I went in.  I got to sit next to friends, and Brother Thurgood (a sealer who works at the Rexburg temple when Stephen and I got there) conducted the meeting.  Brother Cloward and Sister Anderson were there as well (faculty I worked with during my degree).  It was really great. I was excited that I knew so many people.


Waiting in the Hart

Aw! My husband is so cute!


Grandma :)

My mom and dad gave me a gift :)

Sitting :)

Receiving my Diploma

Brother Thurgood and I

Brother Eaton giving me my diploma
Sister Anderson, Brother Cloward, and I

So that was my day!  It was super fun!  Afterwards we got to spend some time together.  We went out to lunch, fed the ducks, played games, and went swimming!

My mom got a cake for Zak and I because we are having a joint graduation/birthday party.
This is what we got.  Feel free to laugh.

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