Friday, February 5, 2016

11 Months Old

Stop stop stop!  I'm not ready for this little baby to be a year old!  Only one more month to go!

Asher is just the sweetest little buddy.  He is always looking around and taking everything in.  He is easy to take places.

Asher is getting very adventurous.  He loves to crawl around and open and close any door he finds.  He also loves to search the ground for small things to put in his mouth.  When he finds something that he thinks is cool he loves to hold it out to show it to you, and looks for a reaction from the adults around him.

Asher enjoys music.  Whenever he hears music he bobs his head, and if he really likes it he will clap his hands and wave his arms around.  It is pretty much super adorable.

Asher basically cries in three situations: 1. He is tired 2. He is getting put in his carseat 3. He sees food.  That's it.

Have I mentioned that Asher is quite the eater?  That kid can pack it away.  He eats more than Ephraim for sure.  If he sees food, he will fuss until it is his.  If he thinks he is being denied food, he will let you know with much vigor. He especially loves anything protein: cheese, eggs, beans, and meat.  He also loves drinking water through a straw.

Asher doesn't really talk much, although he will occasionally babble if he is in the mood.  He understands words like kiss and dance, and I am sure there are many other ones.

Asher is a mama's boy, but he also loves his brother and daddy.  He follows Ephraim everywhere and tries to play with everything he is playing with.  He is a little wary of new people, but warms up to the quickly.

We are just so blessed to have this little man in our lives!

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