Monday, June 8, 2015

Three Months Old

I don't know how we got so blessed with these boys.

Asher continues to be an absolute joy. He is quick to smile and loves to be held and walked around.  He loooves his daddy and gives him the biggest smiles, but is social and will smile at anyone who takes the time to talk to him.

He is so close to laughing and makes the cutest happy cooing sounds, but hasn't yet let out those baby giggles.

He is getting better at moving his hands and loves to grab things, especially during tummy time and will gnaw on his hands with all his might if he can get them pinned down.  

He holds his hands together and stares at them in the car, and I've caught him eyeing his feet a couple of times, so he is becoming more aware.

Asher is a good sleeper.  He takes lots of little naps during the day and sleeps all night very regularly now.

He is still a big boy and by our best estimate weighs 18.5 pounds.  Also, most of his 3-6 month clothes are too small now.

His head control is really good now during tummy time, but he is still a wobbly wiggly baby when you stand him up. He rolls over from front to back like a pro, but hasnt rolled from back to front yet.  He can scoot himself all over his little tummy time mat though.

Asher went swimming for the first time the other day and seemed to enjoy being in the water while being held by mommy.  He still enjoys his bathtime and kicks with all his might the whole time. 

Asher likes being naked and smiles a lot during diaper changes and protests when it comes time to put the clean diaper back on.

Asher has had a bit of a tongue tie since birth, but somehow he tore his frenulum a couple weeks ago.  It didn't seem to bother him and he is no longer tongue-tied.

We are in Florida right now and went to Illinois a few weeks ago.  Both times were very long car rides, but they went without any trouble.  Asher is a well-traveled little munchkin.

We are so grateful Asher is our sweet chunky little boy.

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