Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Stephen is gone at a scout camp today so Ephraim and I went to the Pumpkin Patch this morning.

This little man is a go-go-going all the time.  I got MANY pictures of the back of Ephraim's head as he ran away from me.  But persistence pays off, and I did end up with some fun pictures.

After exploring what the Pumpkin patch had to offer we decided to check out the petting zoo.  Ephraim kept asking to see the "ho-oh-oh"rses, but once we got inside and he realized how big the horses were up close he got nervous, but loved chasing around the ducks and seeing the animals.
Deciding what to get into.

"Kucka" (Translation: Duck or Quack, I'm not sure)

Still chasing the ducks.

Ephraim definitely liked the ducks most.

A little apprehensive about the size of the pony.

The chickens made Ephraim very excited.  This boy loves birds.

Look, I found another one.

This goat thought Ephraim looked tasty.

After watching this little boy pet the goat, Ephraim decided that it wasn't scary to touch the animals.

After the ducks again.

Petting the pony from the safety of mom's arms.

Ephraim's goat friend.

Where to now?

Getting really brave, and going over to pet the pig all by himself.
Then we went over and I tried to get Ephraim to humor me by taking some pictures with the pumpkins.  He wasn't too into it, but he did like the little mini pumpkins.


Managed to get one where he was kind of looking :-P

The Clark's were there and snapped this picture for us :)
After all this running around Ephraim was very thirsty.  I went and bought him a water bottle.  I think this was the happiest that he was the entire trip.
Soooo thirsty.



Now I have a happy boy
 After his water break, Ephraim was much more willing to humor me, and I got a few more pumpkin pictures.
Ephraim's silly scrunchy face that he does all the time now.

Happy boy.

Silly smile.

I sure do love this little pumpkin man.
It was a fun day, and Ephraim loved it!  Ephraim was hot and tired and ready to go home.
Resting for a minute before we decided to go home.

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