Wednesday, February 27, 2013

8 Months

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.  ~Steven Wright


Ephraim is 8 months old.  So much has happened this month.

Ephraim is still our little army crawler.  He's fast and always moving.

He does have a new trick.  Although he does not yet pull himself up to sitting or standing, if we stand him up he will cruise along furniture.  He loves walking, and trying to figure out how to walk and stand on his own is his favorite pastime.

Ephraim has a lot of toys and enjoys putting them all in his mouth, but what he loves most in anything he's not supposed to have.  He especially loves anything that he perceives as "grown up."

Ephraim will eat everything we give to him.  He loves eating cereal because he can feed it to himself.  He still lets us feed him.  Eating is his favorite activity and he can eat a lot.  He even likes pickles.

He also has learned how to babble.  He says "ba ba," "ma ma," and "da da" among other sounds.  He will sit and chatter to anyone who will listen, especially himself.  He's quick to laugh and enjoys laughing at silly things now.

When Ephraim is cranky, he'll let you know, but no matter how cranky he is, there is usually a way to make him smile, through silliness.

Ephraim enjoyed his first visit to the zoo this month.  He also enjoys playing at the park, and exploring new places.

Ephraim is growing up so fast!  It's hard to believe that he's trying to walk.

More Pictures Here!

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