Friday, November 30, 2012

5 Months

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.  ~Leo J. Burke 

My poor boy is sick for the first time on his 5 month birthday! He's a champ though and is being extra cuddly, which this mama is enjoying.  I just wish there was a good way to help his stuffy little nose so he could sleep better.

This boy's fifth month has been a very busy one.  Ephraim appears to grow every day, especially in personality.

This little boy loves to be naked and protests at getting dressed.

He is very strong and loves seeing new things and meeting new people.

Ephraim is extremely social, and laughs at mom and dad all the time.

He has big eyes that seem to absorb everything.  He is learning new sounds and has been heard saying "oh yeah" on several occasions by both Stephen and I.

He has finally mastered rolling from his back to front and is quite a mover.  He pushes himself up on his legs, and rolls all around.  He can sit up for short amounts of time.  His favorite thing is to stand anywhere he can be propped up.

Ephraim is very good with his hands and loves anything that he can grab and put in his mouth.

Ephraim is enjoying his adventures into the world of solid food.  He does not like plain oatmeal, but he LOVES bananas and bananas mixed with oatmeal.  He has also licked cantaloupe and mango and enjoyed both of those.

Thanksgiving brought many travels and new experiences.  Ephraim proved his flexibility throughout his adventures.

He went to Disney for the first time.  He enjoyed all the sights and sounds and especially all the smiley people.

Ephraim loved seeing the water and beaches of Florida, but did not love the wind.

Ephraim also enjoyed meeting more of his cousins and seeing all the Christmas sights.

Stephen and I are so lucky to have such a fun little boy!

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