Wednesday, April 25, 2012


There is a good reason they call these ceremonies "commencement exercises."  Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning.  ~Orrin Hatch

Life keeps on moving on, and more and more changes keep coming; exciting changes.

Stephen received and accepted a job offer for USAA in San Antonio, Texas.  He will start work there May 14.  We have been so blessed, and are so grateful for the many prayers said in our behalf. It's exciting, and makes me nervous.  I kinda just wanna go now so that I can stop thinking about it, but it will come soon enough. :)

And since then life has become increasingly busy.  My mom came to visit and threw me a baby shower at my grandmama's house.  So many people came, and I felt so loved.  Baby Etienne got very spoiled. It's so much fun to look at how little all the stuff is.  The only thing that is depressing, is that he will grow up too fast :-P (We just watched Toy Story 3 today.  One of many things that makes me worry about how fast my little baby is going to grow up.)  

And yes, we are planning on naming this little boy Etienne (pronounced Eht-ee-ehn or Eht-ee-yen).  It is French for Stephen, which I love.  We'll call him Eti (pronounced Eddy) for short.  I always thought I would name my first born son Stephen, but when I married a Stephen, it seemed like having a Steven, Stephen, and Stepheni in one family as enough.  That's when Zak mentioned Etienne.  Stephen immediately loved it as well.

Anyways, I digress.  So after the shower my mama came to stay with us for a week.  It was so much fun to have her around.  We ate, and shopped, and planned Stephen's graduation/birthday festivities.  It was my Spring break, and I loved being busy with my mama around.  :)  I'm lucky to have the family I have.

Then Stephen's family came for his graduation, and we had lots of fun; mostly eating.  Stephen graduated, and we celebrated his graduation, birthday, and Easter all in one.  My mama helped me organize the meal, and everyone helped to make it tons of fun. It's always awesome to have some time with family.  Julie even came from Missouri.  It meant so much to Stephen to have so much of his family there.

Since then we have been soooo BUSY!  Moving across the country takes a fair amount of planning, but we are checking things off the list.  Stephen has been a lifesaver by organizing so many things for the move.  Come next month we will officially say goodbye to Idaho.  It'soverwhelming, especially with a new baby on the way, but it's also very exciting.  We're starting a new and very eventful chapter in our lives.

In baby news, Etienne is moving so much now!  I can feel his kicks, and sometimes even just feel him moving around.  Stephen can feel him moving a lot more as well.  Etienne kicks at him if he encroaches on his space too much.  I can see my stomach move when he does as well.  My wardrobe is shrinking as I am growing, and it's hard to imagine how I much bigger I could get in the next 10 or so weeks.

Basically, life is awesome, and busy, but exciting!  I am so blessed to have the family and friends that I have, and I am especially grateful for all hardwork Stephen has put in to help us withthis amazing opportunity.  I'm excited to blog from Texas soon!


  1. As a fan of atypical names (son Tybalt, nickname Ty), I must say I love your choice!

    I've also been thinking about you. I think at the very beginning of your pregnancy you asked on Facebook which items mothers have found are truly necessary and which are not. And if I remember correctly someone said that a Diaper Genie is not really needed. But every time I change my Diaper Genie I think about that. My advice--GET THE DIAPER GENIE! It saves my life to have it right next to the changing table and means we don't have to cart dirty diaper bags to the trash/dumpster every night. I only have to change it about once every three or four days (of course he's 20 months now, when they are newborn I'm sure it's more, but still...). A Diaper Genie will help with less or no smell and convenience. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

    ~Kate 'Gietl' Holt
    P.S. I don't know why my account lists me as "TKT", old blogger account I think. :/

  2. This is so exciting!! Jarod is from San Antonio, and he misses it so much. You will love it! (Although the summer is going to be rough for a preggo) but I am so excited for you. Best of luck!!