Saturday, October 22, 2011

Still Alive

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.  ~Emily Dickinson

It's been forever since I updated, and I'm not  sure what I'm going to say, but I felt that I should let you know that we are alive and well.

Summer is over, and I am sad, the only bonus is that the leaves are beautiful.  I hope fall lasts a little longer.

I am teaching preschool.  It occupies pretty much all of my time, but it is fun.  Those kids sure make me laugh.  Now if only I could get someone else to do all of the paperwork.

Stephen is back in school, and working two jobs.  Oh, and busy becoming an even more excellent photographer.  I'm not sure how he does it, but he is awesome.  Helping him with photography occupies my sparse free time, and I love it.  Recently we've been attending several "zombie" themed events, and we've got a couple of weddings coming up.  :)

Oh! and I almost forgot, we moved!  It was rather hectic timing, but it all worked out.  I LOVE our new apartment.  I did love our old apartment too, but our new apartment is closer to friends, and has a washer and drier (my favorite part). :)  It's really cute and homey. Oh, and we got some new fish, and a couple of crabs.

What else can I say?  Stephen and I have been recruited for ward choir again, and I have a new calling as a Relief Society Instructor.  Tomorrow I am teaching my first lesson.  It is from President Uchtdorf's talk You Matter to Him.  Excellent talk, I definitely recommend it.

So that's our recent life in a nutshell. 

Stephen using his new toy :)


  1. Your new apartment sounds great! I think of you two often and miss you. Thanks for the update:)

  2. Great to hear from you again. --David