Friday, February 11, 2011


It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions but hard to get one single remedy.  ~Chinese Proverb

Yesterday was a funny day.

I've had a pretty nasty cough since before Thanksgiving.  It's especially obnoxious when I start coughing and sneezing while I'm teaching.  I've been to the doctor many times and tried antibiotics, cough syrups, cough pills, decongestants, and steriods, but none of them made my cough go away.

So yesterday I went to the doctor yet again, and they gave me a chest X-ray.  There's nothing wrong with my lungs, although they did discover that I have mild scoliosis (who knew?).  That doesn't really matter though.  So after everything I've been through they've decided that I must have something like mild asthma, because this cough is so persitant.  So now they have me on some allergy medicine (to help with my sneezing), and two different inhalers (to stop the coughing).

I really hope this works this time.  So far so good :).  I'll be so happy to stop coughing.

And in other exciting news.  They've found lice at my school.  Oh the joys of elementary school :).  Those kids sure are lucky that they are so cute. ;)

But all in all it was still a great day.  I'm finding more out about my teaching style.  And Stephen hung up a bunch of new pictures yesterday.  Most of them are from the wedding and I love them!  Our apartment is so cute :)

I'm so blessed, and so grateful to have such a wonderful husband.

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  1. I had to have a chest x-ray a couple of years ago, and they, too, discovered that I had scoliosis! Too funny. Richard has it as well.
    I wish I could see your cute apartment with all the new photos you put up. I bet it looks darling!!
    I bet you are the BEST teacher out there! I'm so excited for all the fun things you have ahead of you.